The LLEURE CAMPER CLUB CATALUNYA invites you to the 43rd EUROCC in AMPOSTA Tuesday 12 to Sunday 17 May 2020 at the park place of the Exhibitions Palace.

Fairground park place (10 minute walk to the town center)
Carrer Sebastià Joan Arbó – Passeig del Canal
40°42'20.8"N 0°35'08.6"E
40.705789, 0.585722

Check the website for all the information that will be updated.

For logistics reasons, changements or major strength, there may be modifications in the announced program.


The Clubs and Federations of the FICM (IFCM) will send their lists with the inscriptions of their associates (as per the inscription form duly filled out and signed by each participant). By e-mail to the EUROCC Secretary This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. from JANUARY 2nd to March 15th, 2020, every 2 weeks, for a better distribution of the inscriptions to the Extension. Payment should be made by bank transfer on behalf of the Organizer.

All the registration and the payment must be made through the Clubs and Federations.

The registration will be made by order of reception and within the limits available.

The payment should be made directly by the Club/Federation on the account of the Organizer with the indication of the name, affiliate number and club name:

IBAN: ES37 0081 0341 1300 0140 9045

The payment should be done within 8 days from the registration date.

The Organizer does not accept to pay any bank transfer costs.

He should receive the total amount of the inscriptions within any kind of deduction.


400 motorhomes/campers - 800 persons


200 motorhomes/campers - 400 persons in 2 groups of 100 motorhomes and 200 persons.

The Organizer will open a waiting list for the Extension.

Participation au 43 EUROCC est indispensable pour assister au dinner de gala aux chandelles et au clair de lune – soirée dansante et/ou à la Prolongation.

The participation to the 43 EUROCC is necessary to participate to the candle gala dinner at moonlight.

The first confirmation of the registration and the payment will be sent to the Clubs and Federations that will inform their own members.

The Organizer, before April 10th, 2020, will send by e-mail the confirmation to the participants with the information for the arrival and stay.

Any incomplete registration and/or not totally paid and arriving at the Eurocc Secretary after the deadline will not be valid.

No payment possible by check nor credit card.

No possibility to register for the gala dinner or the Extension rally after the arrival at the 43 EUROCC except for replacement of a cancellation.


Only duly justified cancellations sent in time to the Eurocc Secretary can be partially refund according to the refund penalties list established by the IFCM-FICM.

Refund penalties for cancellation:
Until March 15th, 2020 35 € fix costs
The first month after 35 € + 35 % of the total paid
The second month after 35 € + 50 % of the total paid
The day before the arrival 35 € + 70 % of the total paid

From the day of the arrival at the Eurocc, or in case of withdrawal during the rally or before or during the Extension, no refund is possible.

The participants who are not present at the EUROCC, the Extension or the tours/trips or activities cannot claim anything.

Before your arrival at AMPOSTA, place your display on the windshield and the IFCM/FICM blue plate (available at your club or federation, also at your arrival at the Eurocc site).

The park place is organized by countries and associations.

Please observe the instructions of the volunteers at any time, as well for the parking as on the site and respect the standards.

Arrival with a full of clean water and without wasted water.

On the Eurocc site, no move of vehicles. Several places to empty and to fill water. Electric connections only available for medical reasons (to be mentioned on the registration form) or recharge the battery of wheelchairs. Do not use group power between 9 p.m. and 8 a.m.

Please indicate on your registration form if you come with a trailer (possibility not to be placed next to you).


- Your personal identification 43 EUROCC – AMPOSTA 2020 is mandatory at any time.

- The dogs are welcome. The owners must pick up their defections and put them in the containers.

- Animals are not allowed in the coach, the boat, restaurants and monuments.

- BBQ is prohibited and also the use of cooking items outside.

- The Organizer can deport the people for their behaviour and order to leave immediately without any refund.

The Organizer is not a service provider. He is not civil responsible for possible changes to the announced program. He is not responsible in case of theft, damage or injury of any kind on the Eurocc site, during the activities or visits and the Extension tour.

Before you start your trip, check your vehicle insurance conditions and health insurance. Do not forget your european health card and the documents for your dog.

During the EUROCC, at the RECEPTION DESK check everyday the information.